Work visas
If you want to work for hire in the UK, then you need to apply for one of the following categories of visas:

Skilled Worker - for those who have an invitation from the UK sponsoring employer.

Intra-Company Visa - for qualified employees of international companies who have received an offer to provide a job in the UK branch of the same company.

Graduate Trainee - For those who have completed their degrees and are considering coming to the UK as part of the company's approved personnel training program.

Health and Care Worker Visa (formerly known as Tier 2 Health and Care Visa) - New Healthcare Visa for Medical Workers, open from 4th August 2020

Tier 5 (Temporary Workers) - This category allows young people to experience the UK social, lifestyle and culture, as well as get short-term or temporary work in the UK.

The Global Talant category is for talented people with international recognition in the field of science and the arts, confirmed by an authorized competent organization.

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa- for short-term paid employment under an agreement.

Domestic Workers in a Private Household - This category is for domestic workers in overseas private households who need to travel to the UK with their employer to work at their home in the UK.

Our services
We offer the following services provided by highly qualified immigration professionals:
• Preparation and execution of an application for a visa,
• Consulting on the application procedure;
• Detailed advice on the necessary supporting documents;
• Appeal in case of refusal, if the applicant is entitled to one.

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